Wanderlust – A Desire for Wandering

Great photos, Jessica
ahared by “the world’s absolutely worst photographer”

Traveling Around

After having a dream about living in an enormous house, all I can remember thinking was how the house didn’t matter because all I wanted to do was leave. Of course that was just a dream, but the more I think about it, the more I find this to be true in my life. It is said that those with wanderlust don’t necessarily need to go anywhere in particular; they just do not want to stay in one place. In German, wandern translates to wander and lust means desire which is where the word wanderlust comes from; a desire for wandering. 

I frequently have strong urges to roam and move throughout the day. Even as a child, strictly planned events and routines were difficult for me to follow (especially school camps where everything was planned by the exact hour). My desire to see the world, travel, and wander is a…

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