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The windmills of my mind (today)

mountains early morning light2.jpg
mountains early morning light

When I was quite young I was a little baffled when my Dad said, “ Just look at those mountains, are they not just too beautiful ? “

Really ? They are just mountains, was my silent reaction.

Now so many years later, mountains in the early morning light, or the gentle hues of evening, a forest at any time of the day, the unheralded consummate beauty of insects, birds, animals of any description, the sea, ever restless majestic and powerful, hold me spellbound , humble and grateful.

My wealth lies in my mind, a kaleidoscope of images, scents , nuances and feelings, the salty sea on my skin, the memory of a fragrance, a loved one, no longer there, my special, oh so special furry four footed loves, gone to a playground in the sky, perhaps.

No money in this world can buy the gentle touch of the wind, a whispered word of love, the touch of someone who cares. No money at all.

So no bank will accept my collateral, how much they have lost is incalculable……..

Love opens a new window on this world of ours, hold on to it cherish and protect it, it’s value makes the richest man in the world look no better than a pauper.

– John (JET) Newton

Great powerful writing by my old friend, John

Shared by John’s “international marketing manager”
(“the totally unmusical world’s absolutely worst photographer… and fourth worst writer” c)

picture (below) from

when life dictates.jpg

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town: My pictures of the beautiful "Mother City" of South Africa

Momma Nature’s show this evening…
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