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Self-improvement made easy: Lower your standards!

Self-improvement is self-explanatory… you have to do it yourself – and never accept ‘slapgat’ as a standard


John is writing a book about his rather colourful and eventful life… which may yet save him from penury, ie extreme poverty. Dream on!

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“You will do foolish things, but do them with enthusiasm.”


“Live each day as if it’s your last…

then one day you’ll be right!”




“Life is far too important (a subject) to be taken too seriously.”


Shared by “slapgat” (and outoppie”)*

* Google this “sutheffrikn eggspressn” to find the meaning!

Insights gained while being ‘unstable’ in a State Hospital bed

Open publication – Free publishing  


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“Life is far too important (a subject) to be taken too seriously.”

“You don’t have to be crazy to life here…

but it certainly helps!”



Do you have any “normal” friends now, craig?

…but then what’s “normal”!



Ten Years On: Our mom and our lovely family

Mom's Thoughts: Just sharing Some of Our Dear Mom's Favourite Thoughts



Just remembering our beautiful, kind, quirky, stylish, hilarious, creative, free-spirited mom. 10 years today

(Thanks, “Paulabeans”


Hazel Lock did not command your attention, but more requested it…
Despite her not inconsiderable beauty, it was perhaps that which shined out of her, the Spirit perhaps Soul that imprinted indelibly on one’s conscious.
She sort of glowed, a true child of Nature, that infectious laugh the azure blue eyes, held one a willing captive. Like no other she personified the statement; ” To know her is to love her”
Few are the people who leave footprints in your heart, hers are as fresh as if it was yesterday, she put them there.
Wherever she might be spreading her special kind of Angel Dust, I for one, shall forever smile when I think of one of the most special people, to ever have set foot on this Earth.
What a…

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